Advocacy event: Meeting with David Blair

AWIS members attended a   a Social / Meet and Greet event hosted by David Blair’s campaign office on May 29 .  

David Blair is running in the race for Montgomery County executive. He is planning to promote the county economy with science and high-tech development and education of the community. More information are available on the website

The links below are on how to be effective advocates for AWIS and women in STEM.

Here are some great webinars on AWIS advocacy training:

AWIS Advocacy Training – April 2018

STEM & Gender – How to advocate for legislators to diversify the STEM workforce

The AWIS Advocacy and Public Engagement Agenda

Becoming an Effective Advocate for Science in Matters of Federal Policy

And here is a link to our Advocacy Handbook:

AWIS Advocacy Handbook

Please keep in mind that AWIS is a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501c3 organization. AWIS is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, specifically:

  • To promote equal opportunity for women to enter scientific professions and achieve their career goals.
  • To raise the status of women in science, and women generally.
  • To initiate, encourage and engage in research related to women in the scientific fields and other works of educational and scientific nature.
  • To exchange information with other groups supportive of our goals, and coordinate activities directed to their fulfillment.

The use of the AWIS name and acronym may only be used in communicating our mission and vision. Please do not use the AWIS name or acronym with political messages or other communications that are not directly tied to the official views of AWIS.

Thank you so much for advocating for women in STEM and speaking up for the need to fund science initiatives to feed long-term growth for everyone.