2009 Mentoring Award

Award for Excellence in Mentoring 2009:

The awards were presented to Dr. Orna Cohen-Fix and Dr. Sharon Hrynkow on May 13, 2009 at the Cloisters during the AWIS Mentoring Workshop, an annual event that allows participants to network and explore careers with scientists working in a wide variety of fields.

Dr. Cohen-Fix, a principal investigator at NIDDK, was presented the mentoring award for her enthusiastic mentoring of the trainees in her laboratory. She balances excellent research, editorial work and intramural NIH activities with a full family life. Cohen-Fix is currently the co-director of the Johns Hopkins University/NIH Graduate partnership program and was a member of the HHMI-NIH Research Scholars Program Committee. She also served on the Status of the NIH Intramural Women Scientists task force, which carried out a study using a web-based survey to determine why female NIH postdoctoral fellows leave academic science (published in EMBO Reports, 2007). She is the recipient of several awards including the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.

Dr. Hrynkow, NIEHS Associate Director, was presented the mentoring award for her record of success in mentoring and supporting scientific leaders, particularly women in the international arena. A neuroscientist by training, Hrynkow left the bench over 15 years ago to pursue policy and leadership opportunities in global health and science, and it is this blend of expertise that draws so many junior scientists to her. In her previous leadership positions, including Deputy Director at the Fogarty International Center, Hrynkow launched a range of activities and initiatives to bolster early career scientists. She has created new programs to support and mentor scientists in resource-limited nations and novel approaches to supporting U.S. undergraduates and graduate students in global health. Hrynkow initiated the annual NIH celebration of International Women’s Day to mark achievements and challenges facing foreign women in science working in the U.S. In recognition of her passionate devotion to science, she gave this year’s keynote address on the important role of women in taking the lead to save the planet at the NIH celebration of Women’s History Month.

Cohen-Fix Hrynkow